Heather's Style Tips

Ever wonder how a Miss America looks completely confident in her evening gowns?  It is not all about the dress but what is under the dress.

Most women believe they have to sacrifice comfort for fashion...especially when wearing an evening gown.  However, there are tricks to gliding effortlessly into any room without being afraid you will lose your top!  

The best hidden secret is to invest in a Long Line Bra.  The bra you see when you click on the link above is from JC Penny.  Most stores don't carry these in stock so you may need to purchase these online.  Simply wear this bra under any strapless dress and safety pin the top or middle of the cup of the bra to the padded cup or top of the bustline of the dress.  Believe me...you can do cartwheels and your dress will stay in place.  No more pulling your dress up or being nervous that with one wrong step you will flash the crowd!  

I personally use this trick with nearly every strapless gown I wear...especially the gowns that might be a bit too loose in the top. --Heather

Long Line Bra

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